Business monsters

Since prehistoric time, there has always been a business. Human started doing business long before they invent wheel, long before they discover fire. What is business? It is simply exchanging possessions to get more useful or valuable one. The complex system of world economy, as we find it today is a result of business needs. Arguably, it is business, that made the modern world.

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The power of touch


Human have many senses such as, vision, hearing, smell, test etc. There are lots of scientific studies on these. As a result, we have specialized doctors on eyes, ear, nose. But, one big sense has always been overlooked, that is, our touch sense. Without that sense, our lives would be very different from what is is now. Science knows very little about this sense. In this article, we will know about the amazing touch sense.

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Junks that block the earth


Mankind is curious about the space since the beginning of time.  But it is just around 70 years ago, scientists could successfully start sending objects to the space. Ever since then, there is no break. The whole world is competing each other about how to occupy the space. At certain stage, human starter regularly traveling space. This brought us in front of a very big crisis – space Junk

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Blind love


Burt Pugach, (32) an already married guy, was obsessed with 20-year-old Linda Riss. For him, that was a love at first sight. They had a few months long relationship until Linda broke up with him because he was taking long time to leave his wife. Linda met another man and quickly started a new relationship and get engaged with him.

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Indonesia – Interesting facts


Indonesia, the largest muslim country, have the fourth largest population in the world. It has many islands,  many tribes and a lot of natural and historical interests.  Although, the country is known to the western world as a holiday destination (in Bali), it has much more to offer. There are many interesting facts about the country that most people don’t know. Here we have a collected a few facts that might change your Idea about Indonesia.

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